Kwagala: December 2014

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KTM - Dec 2014 - 3This month, American Advisors Group learns the inspiring story of Doreen.

Doreen came to the Kwagala House three years ago after being trafficked to China, rescued, then returned to Uganda. She arrived having experienced a past that was senseless and hopeless, with seemingly all doors closed and a complete uncertainty of what to do next in life.

Under the guidance of the Kwagala Project, she began a journey of healing, forgiveness, and growth. Slowly but surely, life began to have new meaning. Hope began to be restored as she learned to see things in a positive light and resolved to go forward in life focused and determined to achieve.

Her Kwagala sisters encouraged her and made her laugh, and taught her that everything happens for a reason and that money is not everything. Her Kwagala mentors taught her to always hold on to hope, never take life for granted, to think twice, to focus on success, and to always stay determined to keep rising regardless of her number of falls. Through it all they provided a shoulder for her to lean on. This was the base of what Doreen needed to eventually become a shining example of what can happen with a new outlook, new actions, and sheer determination.

KTM - Dec 2014 - 2Doreen started with a goal: to become a hairdresser who was educated not only in hair styling, but in massaging, doing facials, and doing nails as well. To reach this goal she needed to earn the money to pay for her education.

Doreen began with a loan of $120 and rented a space on the porch step of another woman’s shop. Then, she bought a bundle of towels and sold them, making enough profit to pay back her loan and own her own shop. In her shop she continued to sell her towels, making over $600 in profit.

Concurrently, she participated in Free the Girls, a program that provides an opportunity for sex trafficking survivors to earn a living by selling donated bras. With this opportunity, she soon established herself as the stock supplier to two boutiques. With this income, she began her education and worked two internships, never losing focus on her goal of becoming a hairdresser also educated in massage, nails, and facials.

Doreen will soon graduate from the Kwagala Program and integrate back into the community, armed with the confidence that she is free, resilient, capable, and completely deserving of the success she has worked so hard to achieve. We at American Advisors Group couldn’t be more proud.



In 2011, American Advisors Group became inspired by an organization in Uganda dedicated to rescuing, restoring, and empowering women who have been victimized by trafficking, violence, and poverty. This organization is called the Kwagala Project. Since then, American Advisors Group has made the Kwagala Project the anchor program for our AAG Foundation campaign. Every month, American Advisors Group raises money through different fundraisers to help support the house in Gulu where the girls live. Together, American Advisors Group and the Kwagala Project give the girls an opportunity to invest in their future. In addition, American Advisors Group works closely with the Second Harvest Food Bank collecting goods for Food Drives.

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