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Time Magazine Weighs in on “How to Care for 2 Parents at Once without Going Broke”

Posted - December 15, 2015

While it might be common to hear stories about an adult child helping to provide care for their aging parent, what is the impact for those who care for both parents at the same time? Such is the subject of a recent Time Magazine, Money column. The toll of caring for both parents can take more than double the emotional and financial stress, according to the article.

Consider the expenses: according to Genworth Financial’s annual Cost of Care study, the average annual cost associated with


Dallas Morning News Answers the Question “Do Reverse Mortgages Help Out?”

Posted - December 7, 2015

A reverse mortgage line of credit may be the solution to boosting your spendable income in retirement by 25 to 50 percent for the rest of your life as long as you comply with the loan terms, according to an article in the Dallas Morning News.
Reverse mortgage loans allow you to borrow against the equity in your home, providing a potentially powerful impact when planning for retirement.

Reverse mortgage loans are becoming a popular option for senior homeowners across the nation over the age

Read More... “Reverse Mortgages Can Be a Retiree’s Saving Grace”

Posted - November 16, 2015

It is no surprise that Social Security is the largest retirement income asset of the average American senior. As baby boomers enter retirement age, it is expected to supply more than 50% of income for about two-thirds of Americans in retirement. With such dependency on this single source of income, many Americans may be ill-equipped to handle future changes to these benefits.

While one remaining typical source of wealth includes the usual personal retirement savings, another possible


A Retirement Dream Come True: The Hollimons’ Story

Posted - July 30, 2015

For the last six years, Andy and Beatrice Hollimon vacationed in the south of Florida.  Over time, they fell in love with the area. The warm sun and the cool breezes of the region were a stark difference from the chilly winters of their St. Louis hometown. But, firmly-rooted in the three-bedroom house they owned in the Midwest, the Hollimons had no idea how they might relocate to this popular retirement destination full-time. And it wasn’t until Andy made one fateful phone call, did they


Patsy Harper Supplements Her Income With a Reverse Mortgage

Posted - February 17, 2015

Robert Kane and Dennis Loxton Join AAG National Field Sales Team - American Advisors Group

It has been almost a year since 67- year old Patsy Harper made the call that would help her keep her single-story Tennessee home nestled in a woodsy area of Ashland City.  It was a call that would prove to be a big step to helping her financially.  For the longest time, she had seen advertisements for the reverse mortgage loan product but never understood what it really was.  She knew she could remain living in her home while keeping ownership, and also receive some of her home’s equity in


Real Borrower Story: Ernesto & Carmen Rivera

Posted - January 8, 2015

When 67-year-old Ernesto Rivera and his wife Carmen decided that they wanted to pay all of their bills, taking a reverse mortgage on their warm and sunny Florida home wasn’t their first option.

The first thing Ernesto thought to try was a conventional loan or a home equity loan through banks. The banks, however, told him that they couldn’t give him a loan because he owed too much.

“But that’s exactly why I wanted the loan in the first place!” Ernesto laughs, as he recalls the


Real Borrower Story: Arnold Zorn

Posted - December 2, 2014

Seventy-eight year old Arnold Zorn sat in the comfort of his ranch-style home in the beautiful suburbs of Cleveland Ohio and breathed a sigh of relief. In his hands, he held the latest medical bill that detailed the charges of his latest diagnostic tests.

Fortunately for him, figuring out how to pay for these new medical bills was not among the things he had to worry about when he was recently diagnosed with an unexpected medical condition.

“I can pay for these diagnostic tests and


Featured Article: Reverse Mortgage Counseling Proves Beneficial

Posted - November 3, 2014

When Lisa Kelly and her husband Jesse first heard they would have to complete a counseling session with a counselor before they could apply for their reverse mortgage loan, they were less than excited.

“At first, I didn’t understand why we still had to talk to a counselor,” Kelly explains. “We had already researched the loan, learned what the advantages were, and realized a reverse mortgage would help our plans for retirement. A counseling session after that seemed like a pointless


Real Borrower Story: Edna & Marvin Marcum

Posted - November 3, 2014

When seventy-one year old Edna Marcum relaxes outside on her back deck and looks out across the two acres of lush greenery that comprises her property, she appreciates every inch of it. And she has every reason to, especially now that the entire place is paid off.

“I grew up learning that if you can’t pay for it, then don’t buy it. And it has served me well,” she shares. She and her husband Marvin make a point to live within their means, only buy things that they can afford, and find

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