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The State of Unclaimed Pensions in the U.S.

Posted - November 28, 2016

A large number of pensions go unclaimed each year simply because people do not realize they are owed one. Below you’ll find a series of maps depicting the state of unclaimed pensions in the United States
If you’re not familiar with the term, a pension is a retirement arrangement between an employer and employee in which the employer agrees to pay the employee a regular payment from the day of their retirement until the day the employee dies. The pension amount is dependent upon the


Reverse Mortgage Loan Example Retirement Strategies

Posted - November 23, 2016

There are three main ways a reverse mortgage loan can be used to help provide additional retirement security.
1. Delay Social Security benefits and let investments grow
Using this approach, a reverse mortgage loan is established at the outset of retirement and drawn upon every year to provide retirement income until exhausted, allowing the retiree’s investment portfolio, such as a 401(k) plan, more time to grow. Subsequent withdrawals are then made from the portfolio. This strategy


Security Checklist: Tips to Safeguard Your Home

Posted - August 24, 2016

Robert Kane and Dennis Loxton Join AAG National Field Sales Team - American Advisors Group

Some of the best advice on home protection may come from Ray Johnson. A former burglar, he is now a reformed home security expert. For over 20 years, he has devoted his life to teaching people how to protect their homes.

Here are some tips to safeguard your home:

Trees and shrubs may look good, but they provide a convenient hiding place for robbers and obscure your view. Trim back all trees, shrubs and other landscaping so they are not overgrown.
Many older homes have sash windows.


US News: Using Your House as a Retirement Fund

Posted - August 12, 2016

In an article published in 2016, U.S. News and World Report columnist Maryalene LaPonsie interviews American Advisors Group CEO Reza Jahangiri about the advantages of home equity use in retirement. With 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, living longer and the traditional means of retirement – Social Security, savings and pension – not always enough to cover expenses, seniors are often turning to reverse mortgage loans to help them age in place.

“We have a mushrooming demographic of


Traditional Mortgages vs. Reverse Mortgages: Are They Really That Different?

Posted - February 2, 2016

Robert Kane and Dennis Loxton Join AAG National Field Sales Team - American Advisors Group

Every year, millions of people across the nation turn to traditional (forward) mortgage loans in order to finance their home purchases.  The typical requirements of these mortgage loans are well known, and many have become comfortable fulfilling them.

Reverse mortgage loans, on the other hand, are far less common. Since their specialized features are not yet fully understood by mainstream media, misconceptions have arisen that lead consumers to believe that they are drastically different


Care Givers: The Effects of Providing Long-term Care

Posted - December 28, 2015

AAG Launches Wholesale Division

Long-term care can have a huge impact affecting the finances, career, lifestyle, health, relationships and state of mind for thousands of caregivers across the United States, according to a recent study by Genworth Financial.  These impacts can occur both over a short and longer period of time, with more than 43 percent of caregivers reporting that their loved one’s need for care lasted three or more years.  Although one of the largest impacts is financial, taking care of a loved one may


Visual Decision Tree: Is a Reverse Mortgage Right For Me?

Posted - December 21, 2015

Robert Kane and Dennis Loxton Join AAG National Field Sales Team - American Advisors Group

When considering a reverse mortgage home equity loan, there are many questions to ask yourself in order to determine if you can benefit from all of the features it offers. We’ve created a visual flowchart in an effort to help guide you through this process. For an instant estimate of the total proceeds, you may receive from a reverse mortgage loan, click here.

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Time Magazine Weighs in on “How to Care for 2 Parents at Once without Going Broke”

Posted - December 15, 2015

While it might be common to hear stories about an adult child helping to provide care for their aging parent, what is the impact for those who care for both parents at the same time? Such is the subject of a recent Time Magazine, Money column. The toll of caring for both parents can take more than double the emotional and financial stress, according to the article.

Consider the expenses: according to Genworth Financial’s annual Cost of Care study, the average annual cost associated with


Dallas Morning News Answers the Question “Do Reverse Mortgages Help Out?”

Posted - December 7, 2015

A reverse mortgage line of credit may be the solution to boosting your spendable income in retirement by 25 to 50 percent for the rest of your life as long as you comply with the loan terms, according to an article in the Dallas Morning News.
Reverse mortgage loans allow you to borrow against the equity in your home, providing a potentially powerful impact when planning for retirement.

Reverse mortgage loans are becoming a popular option for senior homeowners across the nation over the age

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