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American Advisors Group Continues Growth

Posted - October 1, 2012

American Advisors Group, a leading reverse mortgage lender, plans on further expansion to become the largest reverse mortgage lender in the country.

In both August and September AAG reached new heights as the number one and number two reverse mortgage lender in the nation.

The move is another step in AAG’s extraordinary growth. In early 2011, American Advisors Group’s loan origination volume was 69 loans. AAG is now averaging more than 400 loans a month and hopes to continue its


American Advisors Group Wins Three Prestigious Industry Awards

Posted - September 28, 2012


American Advisors Group won three top industry awards for Best Retail Brand, Best Lead Provider and Best Celebrity Spokesperson for 2012. Sponsored by Reverse Mortgage Daily, the RMD Awards tallied more than 45,000 votes from industry participants across various sectors of the reverse space.

With wins in three major categories, AAG won more awards than any other company in the reverse mortgage industry. It was recognized for its quality lead-generation services, its exceptional


The Beginning of American Advisors Group’s Involvement with the Kwagala Project

Posted - September 19, 2012

The Beginning of American Advisors Group's Involvement with the Kwagala Project

AAG CEO, Reza Jahangiri, had the chance to visit the Kwagala Project’s Total Impact House while traveling in Africa with Kevin Chern, a partner at Total Attorneys. Chern and Total Attorneys had already been supporting the campaign.

Jahangiri was immediately struck by the experiences of the those affected by Kwagala’s campaign. The girls Kwagala is helping are victims of the sex trade and have lived


How Fred Thompson Got His Reverse Mortgage Start

Posted - July 19, 2012

Former Senator Fred Thompson joined American Advisors Group as the company spokesperson in May 2010. Mr. Thompson was no stranger to being in front of the camera with many years of TV and movie acting experience.

Mr. Thompson was initially reticent about the opportunity with AAG because he didn’t want to represent something he didn’t know much about. So Mr. Thompson began his due diligence and learned everything he could about the reverse mortgage industry and AAG. Soon thereafter Mr.


AAG Launches Wholesale Division

Posted - June 24, 2012

American Advisors Group announced their expansion into the reverse mortgage wholesale market.

American Advisors Group’s (AAG) New Reverse Mortgage Wholesale Division will be led by Mike Berkley, who has is new to the reverse mortgage business, but has 30 years of forward mortgage experience.

AAG’s CEO, Reza Jahangiri explained, “We have built one of the most successful retail businesses and brands, and now we plan on rolling that same mentality into a wholesale division.”

Read the


Aging Stars in a New Role: TV Pitchman

Posted - March 14, 2012

Aging actors are among a growing group of celebrities embracing new roles pitching products to aging baby boomers. They are starring in TV and YouTube infomercials selling products that help seniors overcome the challenges of old age.

New York Times’ columnist, J. Peder Zane, describes the changing role of aging celebrities and how many of these aging celebrities have experienced a second wind in their career endorsing different medications and retirement products like reverse


American Advisors Group featured on the PR Newswire screens in Time Square over the weekend, and in Vegas.

Posted - October 12, 2009

Check out American Advisors Group on the big screens in Time Square and Vegas over the

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