Forget the Nursing Home: Aging in Place with a Reverse Mortgage Loan

Not only can care be provided less expensively in your home but it is also a key for achieving optimal outcomes for many patients.

A reverse mortgage loan can be used to help pay for senior care for you or your spouse. This gives you the opportunity to live safely and comfortably in your home – on your own terms.

Aging in place (living in your own home) and not in a nursing home will help enhance your quality of life by empowering you to:

  • Continue living in your comfortable and familiar environment and keep your community connections – such as church, local doctors, and places you shop
  • Feel independent, and remain close to family and friends

A reverse mortgage loan could pay for these in-home care services, reducing the need for expensive nursing homes, and improving quality of care.

You can fund in-home care with your reverse mortgage money, which can be ramped up as gradually or as quickly as needed – from household chores to 24-hour nursing care.

With a reverse mortgage, you don’t have to worry about being a burden to anyone…and you can live in your own home even when you need special care.

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