6 Work Life Balance Tips for Seniors

For many seniors, retirement does not necessarily mean an end to working.  In fact, 62% of seniors prefer to continue working in order to stay mentally active.  You may be one of them, choosing to stay at your current job, or adjusting your work with a late-career change.  Whatever you choose to do, it is crucial that you maintain the right work-life balance.  So what is the best way to get the right balance as a baby boomer?

One of the most important things to ensure is that your job is the right fit in order to feel valued and fulfilled.  In your youth, your top priority in a chosen position may have been the highest salary, regardless of how well the job fit.  In retirement, however, it becomes more desirable to find a more rounded position that fulfills your interests, your lifestyle and your pocketbook.  With priorities in life changing, seniors tend to look for different characteristics from an employer than they used to in the past.  To find the right fit, ask yourself whether you are more career-oriented or family-oriented, what work hours you want to work, and what you value most.  Find the job that fulfills those qualifications.

This is just one tip to get you started.  For more tips on how to maintain a good work-life balance, check out the following infographic.



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