Educational Staff Advantages

At American Advisors Group, we understand that faculty and staff at educational institutions around the country dedicate years of hard work to better the community.

As educators, you provide a great service worthy of our gratitude. To thank you for your commitment, we would like to extend an offer that complements the current perks at your workplace.

Borrowers are charged an appraisal fee upfront, however, we are now providing free home appraisals. This is credited upon loan closing for a reverse mortgage to all retiring individuals who meet minimum regulatory requirements.

We hope this offer, valued at up to $450, will help clarify the various options and opportunities for educators who are finalizing financial plans for the next phase of life.

For more details reach out to Joe Grady at

Additional Offers

As an additional thanks to individuals dedicating their careers towards education, we’re providing the following items for free:

  • Men and Women’s Attire
  • Office Supplies
  • Brochures and Informational DVD

To receive these items free, please fill out the form below:

Fill out my online form.